Letter: Diversity of thought trumps skin color


Re: Kim Kozlowski’s Oct. 6 report “Schlissel: Racist fliers at UM an ‘act of terrorism’” — The most critical lack of diversity on university campuses does not concern race or skin color. There is instead a much greater lack of conservative voices on campus compared to the country as a whole.

According to a study published in Econ Journal Watch, there is a significant disparity (an average ratio of 12 to 1) between registered Democrats and registered Republicans in the five departments of the 40 universities that the authors examined. If universities were really interested in diversity of thought, which should be their primary goal, they would immediately begin efforts to recruit conservative professors.

This is unlikely to happen due to administrators also being overwhelmingly liberal and it is much easier to filter applicants based on race and skin color.

Rob Karlsen, Troy