Letters: Readers react to media coverage of election


The media is trying to assess its role and relevance in the past election. The Libertarians received major endorsements and a negligible number of votes. Donald Trump received a negligible number of endorsements and is now president-elect. Hillary Clinton received a majority of the endorsements and lost.

Since the rise of advocacy journalism in the 1970s, all media outlets have drifted left. Journalistic neutrality became a myth, if it was ever a reality. All parties may be better served by journalism as it was practiced at the turn of the 20th century.

Alan Wahnefried, Troy

Stan Van Gundy should worry about the Detroit Pistons winning and not Donald Trump.

Ed Hirth, Utica

I am so tired of hearing FBI Director James Comey is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election. Clinton chose to use a private server for her personal gain. She put our country at great risk. She is totally responsible for her electoral loss.

The major networks should be ashamed the way they have demonized Donald Trump and ignored Clinton’s transgressions.

Bernie Moore, Livonia

One of my pet peeves is commentators who line up to expound with supposed authority on everything they got wrong and are now getting it all wrong again.

While some of us wished he had pushed the accelerator of change a lot harder, President Barack Obama did what he could in the face of historic resistance.

His legacy is going to be just fine.

Larry Lobert, Grosse Pointe Park

As we move away from this election and continue to process the results, I look upon this country and see what a blessing it is to live here. To be able to have an electorate that gives us a voice. This voice that we all have is something we shouldn’t lose sight of as we wrestle with the results of this election.

Getting lost in the protest or celebration is the fact that we have the right to share our opinions and to be heard. We’re all privileged to live in a country that allows us to express our feelings about the country.

So as we step into this new administration, and what is being called one of the most divisive periods in our great history, let us bind together over the fact that we can complain about it.

Murray Sales, Grosse Pointe