As I watch the reactions and rationalizations for violence and protests around the country, it seems that the right candidate probably won. Only 55 percent of voters turned out. That means 45 percent of the voters were happy with anybody winning.

So why the protests?

Had 100 percent of the protesters voted, Hillary Clinton would probably be president-elect. Had the residents of Detroit and Philadelphia turned out at the same rate they did in 2012, Clinton would likely be president-elect.

In choosing not to decide, for half the country that choice was “Any Of The Above.” Some people say they were dissuaded from voting for Clinton due to her Wall Street ties or her shifting support for TPP or her use of the term “superpredator” in the 1990s.

They could not bring themselves to vote for her and chose to not vote at all. In doing so they made the choice for “Any Of The Above.”

If you voted for Donald Trump he is your president-elect. If you voted for Clinton, Trump is still your president-elect. Especially to those who chose not to vote at all, Trump is your president-elect.

Elections have consequences. Your side lost. Get over it. Stop the silliness. If you voted and your candidate won, congratulations. If you voted and your candidate didn’t win, support the one who did win.

If you didn’t vote, you voted for “Any Of The Above” and your candidate also won. Between those who voted for Trump and those who chose to not vote at all, he got almost 70 percent of the electorate.

Why the anger?

Gary Fantauzzo, New Haven

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