Letters: Readers defend Slotkin comments

The Detroit News

Slotkin open with constituents

Re: Ingrid Jacques’ Aug. 21 editor’s note, “Slotkin’s shaming defies civility pledge”: I sincerely think the voters would much rather concentrate on the actual issues ... not fodder from a recording that attempts to make Elissa Slotkin look even mildly uncivil. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I personally know Slotkin to be both civil and honorable. She has served this country alongside our military and has worked tirelessly to advance and improve our nation in serving both the Bush and Obama administrations. She is the real deal. 


Perhaps my fellow readers would like to know that Slotkin is actually going out and answering hard questions in a number of public forums — something the current congressman hasn’t done in a very long time.

I invite you to attend one of Slotkin’s frequent public forums and pay close attention to the pressing and complex issues she’s addressing.

Cathy Daldin

Former mayor and City Council member


Businesses take chance with political signs 

I have a small business and have chosen not to put political signs on the lawn of our property. 

The business that puts political signs up takes a chance that voters will feel negatively about them because of their political views. In the circumstance you describe, the business owner should feel fortunate that his customer is telling him how he feels about political signs on his property. The customer could have kept those views to himself unbeknownst to the business owner. 

With that knowledge, the business owner can then make the choice whether he wants to remove the signs or continue to have them displayed. 

I am discouraged that someone with your newspaper audience chose to criticize Elissa Slotkin in this way. 

Slotkin served our country in Afghanistan. She believes in a balanced federal budget. She has traditional family values. 

Jim Gallas