Letters: Other views on parties, Catholicism

The Detroit News
Baranska writes: "After the scandal, I have been asked by many friends why I still attend the Catholic church."

You can't spoil a rotten system

Spoilers. That's what independent candidates are often called. But if the system is truly rotten, what exactly are they spoiling?

I’m a proud member of Unite America, a national grassroots movement of citizens who think both parties are failing—and that we can do better. I’ve just returned from the first-ever gathering of the independent political movement where independent elected officials, candidates, strategists, and supporters from across the country met to keep building momentum.

Unite America is providing a productive way for us to do something about this by bringing decency and common sense back to our politics.

Cooper Nye, Commerce

Independent candidate for Congress

Church does more good than harm

As a Catholic, I am saddened and shocked by priests committing child abuse. The cover-up by church leaders for the sake of saving face is even worse.

I attended Catholic schools throughout my life and graduated from De La Salle Collegiate High School. I had nuns priests and brothers as teachers and never once encountered or heard about inappropriate activities.

But after the scandal, I have been asked by many friends why I still attend the Catholic church. I have given this a lot of thought and find the benefits for me outweigh the crimes.

For instance, Catholics can attend Mass daily anywhere in the world if they choose, and like many of the 1.2 billion followers, I admire and support the good work the church does throughout the world, with its hospitals, charities for the poor, and educational institutions.

The priests, numbering nearly 500,000 worldwide, however, are in a special category. They are supposed to be examples of Christ on earth. Some are great examples; some are good and some are deprived individuals who don't belong in society let alone the church.

So who is responsible for this mess? That is the most difficult question of all.

Joe Baranska

Apopka. Florida