Letters: Other views on Gilchrist, Dream Cruise

The Detroit News
Garlin Gilchrist, candidate for Detroit City Clerk, sits at desk in his campaign office on the east side of Detroit. After beating Heaster Wheeler in the primary election, Gilchrist, 34, will try to unseat incumbent city clerk Janice Winfrey in the general election. Gilchrist, 34 years old, 6'8" tall and has twin three-year-olds, Garlin III and Emily Grace, who also share his birthday of September 25th when they will turn four and he will be 35. Photos taken on Thursday, August 10, 2017. (John T. Greilick, The Detroit News)

Gilchrist not a political ploy

In Bankole Thompson’s August 23 column, "Can Whitmer, Gilchrist excite black voters?" he suggests that Mr. Gilchrist is only a token candidate. But if the Democratic ticket were not diverse, that would be his complaint. So the Democrats can’t win without black candidates, but if they nominate a black candidate, it’s only appeasement:

“[T]he challenge for Gilchrist now is to quickly demonstrate he isn’t just a token on a ticket that was begging for diversity,” he writes. Exactly how would Mr. Thompson suggest creating diversity? And how presumptuous to call Mr. Gilchrist a “token." Perhaps Whitmer and Gilchrist get along great and have complementary talents?

He complains that the announcement was not made in Detroit. If it had been, he would’ve complained that it was pandering. Lansing is the capital of Michigan and an appropriate place to make such an announcement.

He claims that the announcement should’ve been made in Detroit because Whitmer did not get the most votes in Detroit. That was because many Detroit voters supported Thanedar or El-Sayed - both of whom have “no elected leadership experience” - exactly his complaint about Mr. Gilchrist. If Detroiters were willing to seat a Governor with no elected office experience, I don’t think lieutenant governor is a big problem.

Some think the appearance should’ve been in Flint. Senator Whitmer’s allegiance to the victims in Flint is not in question. And again, when they go to Flint, Thompson would call it pandering.

Cynthia Brody

Beverly Hills

Dream Cruise coverage misleading

 I've been attending the Dream Cruise from the very beginning. It used to be quite a show of classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, rat rods and trucks and some wonderfully strange, unique vehicles. 

Sadly, this no longer is the case. The Cruise has been hijacked by SUVs, minivans, and daily drivers. This year, we parked our classic in Royal Oak's Memorial Park and spent the day walking to and from Birmingham. Never before have there been so few people walking and lining the streets.

Never before have we seen so few Dream Cruise type vehicles on Woodward. While waiting for a light at 14 Mile, we counted 21 classic cars in a mass of daily drivers.

The Dream Cruise committee needs to figure out how to regain control of the cruise and the media needs to stop perpetuating the myth of "40000 cars and 1.5 million people" or the Dream Cruise will become just a dream. 

Rhonda Traficante

Walled Lake