Chene family deserves their park

My father was Kenneth R. Chene and grandfather was Clyde Chene. Many Chene family members still live in the Detroit area.

I know that the city wants to honor the beloved Aretha Franklin by renaming Chene Park, but this idea upsets us greatly. It dishonors the Chene Family that originally donated the land to the City of Detroit for the park.

Surely, the city does not intend to slight our family in order to honor the late great Aretha Franklin.

Instead, we recommend naming the amphitheater to the "Aretha Franklin Concert Arena inside Chene Park."

Susan Chene Carter

Las Vegas, Nevada

Remove dark money with amendment

We, the voters in Michigan, have the rare opportunity to amend our state constitution by popular vote. In amending our state constitution, we will clarify first principles for fairness and transparency in Michigan’s elections through a 28th Amendment concerning campaign finance reform.

The dark monies that flow into our representatives campaigns essentially turn them into nothing more than a paid shill for their sponsors.

Research your politician’s finances. See who they actually represent. Demand they support campaign finance reform.

Their answers and actions will reveal who their real constituent is.

Until there is reform and full transparency in campaign financing, we will all remain pawns on someone else’s chess board.

John Hunter

Traverse City

Beekman glib on NCAA findings

I was disappointed to read the self-congratulatory comments of Bill Beekman, MSU's new athletic director regarding the NCAA 'investigation' into the university's handling of the Nassar scandal and other issues of sexual assault and harassment at MSU.

Just in time to assuage concerns from returning students and their families, the NCAA is alleged to have privately notified MSU that they are closing their investigation into the school without any findings of fault.

Charismatic leaders at MSU, such as former-President Simon, and their singular focus on 'Brand MSU' and athletics, played a large role in creating a university-wide hostile environment rampant with sexual harassment and assault. Sadly, it seems MSU have learned little from such thoughtful reflection.

Mitch Goldsmith, MSU Alumnus '12



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