Republican Party still enthusiastic in Michigan
The mega-MAGA red tide is coming!
I am an official of the Michigan Republican Party, a delegate representing  Precinct 25 of Oakland County.
The reason half the delegates to the convention were lethargic was because the alternates do not get to vote in the Electoral College that will certainly re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

It is why I did not attend the state-wide Convention. I did not get enough votes to make me even an Alternate, much less a Delegate with a voice to speak in the Electoral College for the victory that is coming.
 The enthusiasm is palpable throughout our party.
We in the GOP stand for things. The opposition stands for nothing except Never Trump.

Robert E. Traurig

Bloomfield Hills

Pre-judging Judge Brett Kavanaugh

On September 4, the hearings will begin for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The role of the hearings is to closely examine his record and qualifications to be a judge on the nation’s highest court.

Based on Kavanaugh’s lengthy track record as a court of appeals judge, he appears to be well-qualified, and one would assume he will do well in his hearings.
U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow doesn’t care, however.

She has said no matter how well-qualified he is or how well his hearings go, she will oppose him.

Reading Stabenow’s words, it becomes clear why she really opposes Kavanaugh: he will not commit to delivering her political policy victories, like other judges she has supported in the past. A judge makes a promise to be impartial, not to put their thumb on the scales of justice to arrive at Stabenow’s preferred outcome.

Sadly, many of our courts and judicial institutions in our country have come to believe their role is to advance one side’s political position, often imposing their subjective beliefs on large majority of Americans who disagree. Look no farther than the issue of abortion. Even though nobody ever voted to put abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy into the U.S. Constitution, judges took it upon themselves to impose it on America, because that’s what they want.

Politics and policy belong in the hands of the voters and their elected representatives in our republic. Judges should adhere to our laws, not make or break them based on personal bias. Politics and policy are Stabenow’s job, not Kavanaugh’s. If she is unwilling to do her job of evaluating the Supreme Court nominee, voters should do theirs in November.

Chris Gast, director of communication and education

Right to Life of Michigan


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