Letter: Whitmer-Granholm comparison not sexist

The Detroit News

Re: Ingrid Jacques' Sept. 14 column, "Sexism is a losing strategy": It’s long been a tactic of politicians who lose on the issues to attack the character of their opponents or make baseless claims to distract from their own record and the facts.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear Gretchen Whitmer accuse my running mate Bill Schuette of sexism for simply reminding Michigan that she and Jennifer Granholm worked side-by-side to support and enact policies that led to the Lost Decade. It was, however, surprising and most unfortunate that the media would take this bait. Sexism is indeed a losing and unacceptable strategy — in campaigns as well as every other aspect of life, so let’s keep it real.  

It is not sexist to remind Michiganians that Gretchen Whitmer’s work with former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (pictured here) contributed to the Lost Decade, Lyons writes.

But it is not sexist to point out Whitmer’s record and remind Michiganians that her work with Granholm contributed to the Lost Decade. That is the truth. This is not about Whitmer’s gender, it is about her abysmal record.  When Whitmer was in charge in the Senate, she didn’t get it done. 

Granholm and Whitmer’s policies resulted in 15 percent unemployment, skyrocketing home foreclosures, and forced our friends, families and neighbors to leave the state to find jobs. Nobody was immune from the Lost Decade. That is why Whitmer doesn’t want you to be reminded of her record and how in 2010 the people of Michigan rebuked her policies and ushered in new leadership that brought Michigan back from the brink. 

Under Republican leadership, we brought our fiscal house to order, paid down billions of dollars in debt, cut job-killing taxes and regulations, and invested in roads and public education at record levels. It was hard work, but we turned the corner. 

Michigan has experienced a comeback but there’s more to do. That’s why the election for Michigan’s next governor is so important. We have a choice to make in November: Are we going to go backward to the Lost Decade, or are we going to move forward and continue Michigan’s comeback? It’s that simple.

Let’s not do citizens a disservice by succumbing to diversionary tactics like Whitmer’s baseless claims of sexism. 

Lisa Posthumus Lyons

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor