Letter: Another view on Cadillac move

Jim Fouts

As the mayor of Warren, Michigan’s third largest city in population, I am proud that Cadillac chose Warren.

I am certain the decision was based on the proximity of the GM Global Tech Center, the engineering hub of GM. Incidentally, GM is investing $1.5 billion in the Tech Center where 25,000 professionals are employed. Cadillac’s move to Michigan will better support one of the most aggressive product expansions in the brand’s history by driving further integration between the Cadillac brand and all aspects of product development – including design, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing – bringing the sellers and makers closer together.

GM will bring Cadillac's headquarters back from New York.

GM and Daimler Chrysler  have invested $1 billion and are expanding in Warren because we have established our city as friendly in business expansions and relocations.

In fact, in 2017, our Building Inspections Division brought in over $4 million in revenues mainly from new business development – despite the fact that Warren is 95 percent developed.

As mayor, I have been active in encouraging businesses to move to our city that is a clean and safe community. For example, under the outstanding leadership of Skip McAdams our fire department has won the gold award from the Heart Association for saving lives. We have the best fire department in the state for 5 years in a row.

Bill Dwyer has made great improvements in the police department by issuing Narcan to save well over 100 lives of those ODed on heroin/opioids. We are also aggressively taking on the drug war with PAID (People Against Illegal Drugs) and police raids in various drug houses. We are leading the state in the fight against elder crimes.

Both Warren Fire and Police have demonstrated that they are the best in the state. That’s another reason why Cadillac and other companies are coming to Warren because we offer first rate public safety.

The location in Warren will place the Cadillac brand team close to the designers and engineers responsible for the new Cadillacs, which will help support one of the most aggressive product expansions in the brand’s history, with the introduction of a new vehicle every six months through 2020. Being in Warren close to the GM Tech Center enables this better than being in Detroit.

Warren is proud indeed to bring thousands of new jobs and new business tax revenues to our city.

Let’s take pride in our accomplishments – not degrade them. Cadillac coming to Warren from New York City is a win for Michigan as well as the metro area.

Jim Fouts

Mayor of Warren