Letter: Beware the bad ballot measures

Mat Dunaskiss

As a former State Senator, and one who has been involved in the election process throughout my entire adult life, I have to say, I have seen many ballot proposals come and go. I have even authored, and was able to successfully pass, a constitutional amendment. That being said, today, we have two proposals on the ballot that I must urge you to vote "NO" on Proposal 2 and Proposal 3 on November 6th!

Proposal 2 would fundamentally change the process of reapportionment. One of our most fundamental concerns is having equal representation in the legislature. This convoluted 3,000- word proposal leaves this task up to an appointed board without any checks or balances. Contrary to the deceptive ads being run by the group pushing this proposal, it would remove power from the people who elect the legislators who currently have this responsibility.

FILE -- Voters line up to cast their ballots at the Rochester Community House this morning. Former State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop casts his vote at the Community House in Rochester, Michigan on November 4, 2014. Bishop, an 8th U.S. Congressional district candidate, is running to replace outgoing U.S. Representative Mike Rogers.

On the surface, Proposal 3 would simply make it more convenient for individuals to vote. However, in reality, as most city clerks have noted, this will be an administrative nightmare, as well as putting our electoral process in jeopardy by opening the door to massive voter fraud.

Please Vote "NO" on Proposals 2 & 3 on November 6th!

Mat Dunaskiss,  former Michigan state senator.