Letter: Amazon should give back to communities

The Detroit News

With all the hype about Amazon’s second headquarters in New York City and Arlington, Virginia, people are forgetting what lured Amazon to choose these two cities- tax incentives. Yes - it might be nice to get tax breaks, but if you are going to be locating a major business in a certain location, the least you can do in return is to give back to and support that community by reviving it and helping to maintain it. Unlike the new New York headquarters, which will be in a neighborhood that is seeing rebirth, the Arlington area already plays a significant role in the field of government. 

A city like Detroit, Michigan, would have been a better choice than Arlington. Detroit, like the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens, is starting to see a renaissance, and having a major business like Amazon would be of extreme benefit to the rebirth of Detroit, ushering in jobs, a stronger economy to the city, and the revival of many of Detroit’s run-down neighborhoods. 

Schwartz writes: "Taxing a big corporation like Amazon can be so beneficial for both the business and the community."

The location choice for Amazon’s new headquarters should not have been chosen by a competition like tax cuts. In the end, what benefit does that possibly have on a community? The location should have been chosen based on where the corporation could be a major help in reviving a community.

Taxing a big corporation like Amazon can be so beneficial for both the business and the community. In Detroit, for instance, the city would be economically strong again, with new infrastructure and revamped neighborhoods, and in New York, where I live, the taxes can go to fixing things like the city’s subway.

At the same time, Amazon could take pride in knowing that their business is a major contributor to the rebirth of their headquarter cities. 

Mitchell Schwartz

Roslyn, New York