The will of people? 

I have always believed that arguably the main responsibility of our elected officials is to serve the “will of the people” and that message is delivered to them every election day.

But now the lame duck Republican Legislature has decided to reject this prime responsibility and to dilute the traditional authority of the newly elected governor, secretary of state, and attorney general. 

We must make every attempt possible to halt their attempted power grab. Hopefully, it can be prevented. If not, “the will of the people” must remember them next election day.

Robert Dyke, Royal Oak

Republicans are poor losers

After a historical midterm turnout, Michigan Republicans made it clear that their goal during the lame duck session is to undermine the will of Michigan voters who overwhelmingly support both the earned sick time and minimum wage initiatives.

Over 380,000 individuals signed the petition to get paid sick leave on the ballot. And 370,000 Michiganians signed the initiative for minimum wage. Both were passed into law, and now sadly are being gutted.

The will of the people ought to be respected, not undermined by lame duck politicians and their special interests. With the monkey business going on in Lansing over these initiatives voted on by the people, the Republicans have shown themselves to be totally untrustworthy and poor losers. 

Faith Allen, Madison Heights 

Shabby way to govern 

The most undemocratic act I can imagine is our elected officials ignoring the will of the people they serve. Yet this is exactly what the GOP in Lansing is choosing to do. I wholly agree with your editorial ("Clip the wings of lame duck," Nov. 25) that major new policy should not be rushed through this Legislature. We the people of Michigan sent a clear message to Lansing: It’s time for Democrats to right the wrongs in this state.

Republican lawmakers see only one path in this lame duck session and that is one of subverting the will of voters. There will be a price to pay for this vindictive strategy in 2020.

The One Fair Wage and Paid Sick Leave bills were passed quickly before the election by GOP lawmakers, knowing they would gut those laws immediately after Nov. 6.

This is a shabby way to govern but it is this the way of the majority party in Lansing. It is an embarrassment and only hurts the the constituents. 

Paula Martinos-Mantay, Royal Oak

Too much focus on court diversity 

Re: The Detroit News Dec. 4 article, "Michigan Supreme Court won't have black justice for first time in 33 years": No black justices on next Michigan Supreme Court? I say: So what? I thought it was the knowledge of the law with a fair and impartial judgement in its interpretation and application that was the primary criteria for becoming a justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

There is no reference to educational attainment, judicial philosophy or temperament, citations of opinions upheld or overturned on appeal of any of the justices pictured in this "news" article. Instead we are given an appeal to "diversity" on the basis of the happenstance of birth and consequently an assumption that a person's beliefs and character are determined by it. Prejudging a person's desirability or suitability to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court on the basis of that person's appearance, race or ethnicity is blatant bigotry.

Michael Ragland, Grosse Pointe Woods

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