Letter: Vaping is prevalent in my school

The Detroit News

What a breath of fresh air to open my computer and read an editorial on the effects vaping is having on high schoolers.

I am a ninth-grade student at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School in Bloomfield Hills, and I whole-heartedly agree with all of the points brought up in your editorial ("Teen vaping poses future risks," Dec. 26). Particularly the Surgeon General’s comments about the “epidemic in high schools.

I’d also like to add that I’ve observed classmates vaping in bathrooms and locker rooms, even when I was in middle school. Moreover, I see all of it happening now that I am in high school and I see peers vaping and smoking in bathrooms. It is unfortunate to think that 1.3 million 12th graders are addicted.

Schools say there has been an increase in the number of students vaping — a water-based form of smoking.

Sadly, I don’t doubt the number will be lower when I am in 12th grade if legislation is not passed in the effort to stop vaping.

Thank you for writing this article, and I hope it can be used as a catalyst to inform users about the dangers, and help them stop.

Benjamin McCaskill

Farmington Hills