Letters: Other views on Tlaib, anti-Semitism

The Detroit News

Tlaib voting record shows subsidy support

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib rails against taxpayer subsidies to corporations (“GM job cuts expose corporate greed,” Jan. 2) yet says nothing about voting in favor of $1 billion worth of subsidies while serving as a state legislator. 

Rashida Tlaib, left, Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan's 13th District, makes phone calls at the Democratic field office in Detroit on Monday.

The Mackinac Center’s corporate welfare scorecard has tallied the votes of state legislators on corporate handouts back to 2001. As a state lawmaker, Rep. Tlaib voted for every single one of the eight subsidy bills that came before her, including several to automobile battery makers. 

Criticism of corporate handouts is indeed justifiable. Research from scholars across the country — and for many years — has demonstrated that corporate subsidy programs are not effective economic development tools. 

They should be eliminated in their entirety in favor of across-the-board tax cuts or investment in efficient road transportation. Both would do more to create jobs than the subsidy programs Rep. Tlaib has voted to support. 

Michael LaFaive
senior director of fiscal policy
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Speak out against hatred 

Kudos to Nolan Finley for writing, “New face of anti-Semitism is black,” Dec. 30.

The rise of hatred and bigotry in this country and other parts of the world debase us all. Finley’s column demonstrates personal courage in standing for justice for all. Although we live in dark days, Finley helps illuminate the concept of equal justice. 

Far too many of us remain indifferent. Far too many of us allow intolerance to remain unremarked. Far too many of us allow flawed thinking to erode respect for others.

More of us must embrace those who endure being singled out or stigmatized due to religious and cultural heritage. 

More of us must speak up when others make cruel and degrading remarks designed to generate hostility. More of us must honor the search for justice within the guiding documents of this nation

Your newspaper deserves thanks for assuming the obligation to speak out against hatred and bigotry in the UNITED States of America.

Anne Gautreau, Dearborn