Letters: Other views on politicians, funerals

The Detroit News

Be respectful to constituents

I am writing to express my outrage at my local U.S. representative, Brenda Lawrence. I called to express my support for the wall. To try to understand her view, I asked the person in her office if I could get a written response of her position.

U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence speaks on Sunday.

I have called numerous different political leaders. Both senators have always responded with a letter.

The individual I spoke with informed me that Lawrence does not do this and communicated to me I would have to write a letter or email. I was very upset.

It is not that elected leaders need to agree with us (as she does not), but they should be available to share their view. Lawrence should change her policies.

Mathew Vroman

Harper Woods

Suicide homily was appropriate

Re: The Detroit News Dec. 18 article, “Archbishop to meet with grieving family after funeral remarks”: The Rev. Don LaCuesta did a homily, which was appropriate for a funeral. Eulogy, which is summarizing a person's life and may include praise of the deceased person, is not to happen during Mass. Eulogy should either be before Mass or during the wake.

"Through the homily, members of the family and community should receive consolation and strength to face the death of one of their members with hope nourished by the saving word of God." (#27, Order of Christian Funerals). LaCuesta did just that.

Because the deceased committed suicide, he has to address God's merciful love to such soul, which he did many times. When will be the appropriate time to say these valuable message but during the Mass for a person who committed suicide? It is a message to the family and all his friends.

The family should thank LaCuesta for assuring them of God's loving mercy. The parents and all who were mad at LaCuesta should be reminded that in the early days, people who died by suicide are not accepted in church and in Catholic cemeteries.

The archdiocese should not punish a priest who is faithful to his priestly duties.

A homily should make someone grow as a Christian, teach the church doctrines. It is not for people to admire because they heard things they wanted to hear.

I will be praying for the Archdiocese of Detroit and for the family.

Gina Gonzales

Reading, Pa.