Letters: Other views on Tlaib, Line 5, GOP women

The Detroit News
Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Detroit, center, chants with the crowd in front of the McDonald's on Woodward near Canfield in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and demanding a union at fast-food restaurants.

Why did we elect Rashida Tlaib?

Re: "Trump calls Tlaib's use of expletive 'disgraceful,'" Jan. 4): Is Rashida Tlaib the best Michigan can offer?

I am absolutely embarrassed to say I'm a Michigan resident after hearing her speech.

I get that she hates the president, but spewing venom of hate and using an obscenity to describe the president is unacceptable.

Her behavior only widens the divisiveness in the country. It reveals poor character and a disgusting role model.

Robert Cohen, Plymouth

Tlaib damages political discourse

In her first week in office Rashida Tlaib has done more to damage the already tenuous relations between Muslims and Americans when she laughed, whooped it up and said: "Impeach the mother------!" while talking about President Donald Trump.

I would expect this from a reality show star, but this statement came from a member of the Democratic Party representing the 13th District of Michigan

“But Trump says divisive things,” liberals cry. And I agree he says some stupid things, but not like this. 


Recently Hillary Clinton said: “If we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start.”

I’ve never listened to Clinton. Meanwhile the Democrats just found a new method to energize their base. 

Pete Wurdock, Royal Oak

GOP doesn't try to attract women

In last week's column ("GOP drowns in women's wave," Jan. 6), Ingrid Jacques made a valid point when she lamented the low numbers of Republican women in Congress. But she displays the tone-deafness that defines the party when she suggests that the cure is to recruit more women to run for elected office.

Women traditionally favor Democrats over Republicans because Democrats support the issues most women care about. If the candidate doesn't share and respect those concerns, a pair of ovaries isn't going to get her into office. To suggest otherwise illustrates a profound lack of respect for women voters. 

If you really want more women in the Republican Party, the first step is to stop acting like Republicans. Protect the environment. Stand up for women's health (including reproductive rights). Speak out against family separation at the border. Work to ensure affordable health care. Demand equal pay for equal work.

Cary Gersh, Bloomfield Hills

Governor Gretchen Whitmer speaks to the news media moments after signing her first executive directive of her administration.

Whitmer action on Line 5 is right

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has shown she is ready to put the interests of Michiganians above those of a foreign corporation that endangers the Great Lakes with a decrepit, dented oil pipeline simply to keep a shortcut for its oil from Canada to Canada. Contrary to The Detroit News editorial ("Rush to shut Line 5 would harm state," Jan. 4), there is no need for Michigan to help any private companies deliver their product, whether it is oil or grapefruits. 

We don’t need this pipeline, and would be better off without the oil it carries. Alternatives for getting propane to the U.P. are already identified and will be needed when the pipeline breaks, an increasingly likely reality if it is not shut down. 

Gov. Rick Snyder’s appalling backroom deals with Enbridge have put the water and economy of the Straits at risk with virtually no benefit to the people of Michigan. Is it any wonder this disastrous deal was rushed through the Legislature in lame duck and quickly signed and implemented by Snyder? 

Anne Woiwode, Okemos

A duty to protect Great Lakes

In defending former Gov. Rick Snyder’s sweetheart deal with Enbridge to keep Line 5 oil pipelines in the Mackinac Straits, The Detroit News would have Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel abandon their duty to protect our laws and our Great Lakes. 

Legal experts have raised serious constitutional and other questions about legislation passed by a lame duck Legislature and governor that leave the Great Lakes at great risk from a Line 5 oil pipeline rupture. The editorial ignores this and uses Enbridge talking points to defend keeping oil pipelines in the Mackinac Straits that Michigan doesn’t want and doesn’t need. 

Whitmer and Nessel have a duty to protect the Great Lakes and to keep our Constitution and laws from being undermined by a giant multinational corporation. They deserve our support. 

David Holtz, East Lansing