Letter: Styrofoam pollutes Mich. water

The Detroit News
The Great Lakes Commission says it has received $375,000 in federal funds for wildlife habitat restoration projects in areas of Michigan and Ohio long degraded by toxic pollution.

Our waterways are under threat from harmful plastic pollution. Americans throw away an estimated 70 million plastic foam cups each year, and about one-third end up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

This plastic waste doesn't biodegrade, but instead breaks down into smaller pieces that continue to pollute our waterways for decades. Dangerous plastic fragments have been ingested by literally hundreds of different species, and have been found in drinking water.

It isn't just the health of our wild species in peril. Our "clean" drinking water supplies are also in danger from our wasteful habits.

Let's protect our water ways, our own health, and our wildlife by banning foam cups and takeout containers here in Michigan. Over 200 cites around the country have already led the charge on this effort. Now is the time to take action on a statewide level in Michigan.

Alex King