Letters: Other views on gas tax, medicine

The Detroit News
AAA Michigan says average gas prices statewide are up about 5 cents from a week ago to about $2.48 per gallon.

Gas tax goes too far

I am most concerned with the governor's recent proposal to raise the gas tax. Michigan currently ranks 6th in the nation for gas tax rates so my belief is that the amount of money isn't the issue, it's how it's allocated.

I would strongly recommend that the governor direct the legislature to fix Public Act 51 so that the money from gas taxes are spent where they are most needed, on the roads with serious issues.

Mike Willmann
Farmington Hills

Sales tax increase could fix roads

Unless you're living off the land you're benefiting from the road network and the only fair way to finance the fix, is a 'road only' one cent increase in the sales tax. Especially in light of the car industry moving into electric cars and having others drive you around mobility.

Unless we forgot too, the drastic increase in energy and gas helped drop the bottom out of all markets last decade and a constant reminder of three to four dollar gas on every service station corner, may in itself, have the unintended consequence of retarding the economy again. 

Gary McDonald
Rochester Hills

Governor Whitmer is just what I expected from a Democratic Governor. Tax first, analyze problems to find solutions later. No discussion of an end game and not even a mention of a Sunset Law for what amounts to a temporary emergency.

No well-developed research, analysis and action plan were done to determine what is wrong with the content of our roads (which continually break up) and with our education system in Michigan.

The whole budget looks like nothing more than a money grab for a revenue stream with no limits or definition. Throwing more money at education pleases the MEA and the educational bureaucracy but will do nothing to fix a broken system. The kids lose. Michigan citizens lose. Is it any wonder there is such a growth in private and charter schools?

Just when President Trump’s tax cuts have revitalized jobs and small business in Michigan, a liberal governor comes along to spoil it.

Cara McAlister

Bloomfield Township

Don't protect medicine status quo

A recent column ("Gutting patents stalls medicine progress" Feb. 28) by Wayne Winegarden of the Pacific Research Institute claims that a bill before Congress giving the government authority to share a pharmaceutical company's patents with competing firms to lower the cost of drugs would cripple the entire medical research industry and cause Americans to loose out on cures for a host deadly diseases.

What Winegarden avoids to mention is that the same company who's patents would be shared by the government with other competing firms is also in the mix of competing firms that would benefit by having the same access to other pharmaceutical company's patents as well.

This isn't a path to crippling the entire medical research industry but rather a path to help bring healthcare costs under control through good old fashion competition.

I am firmly against government controlled healthcare but this proposed law appears to be a justified move by the government to bring drug costs down to levels affordable to all American.

Angelo DiDonato