Letters: Other views on Tlaib, Whitmer

The Detroit News

Tlaib forgets who she is

Based on Rashida Tlaib's recent defense of her comments about facial recognition in Detroit ("My facial recognition comments 'weren't racist,' " Oct. 4), I guess that anybody who voices his or her opinion about not trusting people of a different ethnic background or skin color is not a racist.

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Detroit police chief James Craig discuss facial recognition technology during a tour of Detroit's Real Time Crime Center

By her standards, as a white man born in the United States, it is OK to say that people who are not white and not born in the United States cannot possibly treat me properly and can claim that all white people look alike.

It's attitudes like this that are increasing the distrust and hatred in this country.

Tlaib is an American, and she was elected to represent Americans. Americans come in different colors, from different backgrounds and have individual beliefs.

Tlaib seems to have forgotten who she is and what she should be doing as a member of Congress. Her role is to help unite and care for all of the citizens of the United States. In my opinion, she is only spouting off so that she can have more publicity for herself.

If this makes me a "racist," so be it.

Michael Nickerson


Gov. Whitmer is a terrible poker player

In the game of poker, good card players can bluff their way to a winning hand. It would seem that Michigan’s governor is not even a mediocre poker player after getting not one, but two bluffs called by the Republican-led Legislature.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer presented her budget proposal in March. The budget battle continues today.

The first bluff was when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer walked away from budget talks three weeks before the Sept. 30 deadline. Threatening shutdown, the state House and Senate continued talks on their own and worked together in a bipartisan manner to pass a budget without her input.

When Whitmer received the 2019-20 bipartisan budget package, she declared it a “mess." However, what I believe she meant to say was, “Watch me make a mess." She proceeded to issue 147 line-item vetoes, including items that she herself had championed in a move to get Republicans back to the negotiating table.

Whitmer went all in and gambled away funding for roads and bridges, hospitals, schools and clean drinking water, not to mention funding for veterans, autistic children and to combat the opioid epidemic.

Perhaps the governor needs to learn to be a better poker player, or just stop playing games all together.

Marian Sheridan

West Bloomfield