Letters: Not all Northern Michiganians support Line 5 tunnel

The Detroit News
Enbridge provided this photo documenting the damage to Line 5 caused by an April 2018 anchor strike to a U.S. Senate committee.

Northern Michigan supports clean water, not a pipeline

In the article, "Northern Michigan wants the Great Lakes tunnel," (Oct. 23), Grand Traverse County Commissioner Rob Hentschel fails to mention that when the commissioners met to discuss Line 5 they were met by people lined up all along government center asking them not to support Enbridge. In the council meeting, there were 57 speakers opposing the resolution to support Line 5 and 4 in favor.

Northern Michigan depends on clean great lakes, remembers the Enbridge million-gallon spill in the Kalamazoo River, and remembers that five people were injured and one killed in a Enbridge gas explosion just days before this resolution.

Enbridge has refused to negotiate a date certain for closure of the existing 60-year-old pipeline under the straights in exchange for the tunnel.

Northern Michigan wants clean water not unsecured empty promises.

Harold Lassers, Williamsburg

Say 'no' to Line 5

The support of this Line 5 tunnel is a terrible idea, and most Michiganians agree. 

Even if the tunnel would save a disastrous oil spill in our Great Lakes (87% of North America's fresh surface water), it needs to be remembered that this same line has leaked over 30 times on land already. 

We are only lucky it has not occurred in Lake Michigan. But consider this: Those leaks and future ones could contaminate the ground water or some of over 400 rivers, streams and tributaries that it crosses in Michigan, and lead right into our Great Lakes. 

Regardless of a tunnel, Line 5 needs to be decommissioned immediately. Also remember that this same company (Enbridge) was responsible for the two largest inland oil spills in the U.S., one in Marshall, where 35 miles of the Kalamazoo River was closed for two years, and 100,000 gallons of oil still remain in that waterbed since the "clean-up."

Michiganians up north say "no" to Line 5 and the tunnel.

Berta Meserve, Lake Ann

I do not want a Great Lakes tunnel

As a citizen of Grand Traverse County, I am troubled by the clear arrogance of Commissioner Hentschel misrepresenting the position held by county residents regarding the tunnel for Line 5. 

His solo Enbridge tunnel promotion would lead to the conclusion that there is unanimity for this among the residents of Grand Traverse. There are no facts to support his opinion.

His personal opinion cannot be tied to county approval.

Gretchen Iorio, Traverse City