Two-party system has to go

I was astonished to watch the impeachment debate and vote in the House. I learned that both our political parties exercise totalitarian control over their members' personal speech. Each party member who rose came to the same partisan conclusion using virtually the same talking points.

What good does it do for the Republican Party to have so many handsome, well-educated white men when everything that comes out of their mouths is "of the money, by the money, and for the money?"

What good does it do for the Democratic Party to have all the beautiful skin colors of the rainbow in their fold when everything that comes out of their mouths is whitewashed?

The national election in Great Britain gave seats to members of eight or nine political parties, and Israel seats even more than that. What is wrong with America? The two-party system is a cancer, and it is killing the body politic. 

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross

Trump's dig at Dingell reminds us to reflect on salvation

During John Dingell's funeral at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, the priest who was presiding at the funeral spoke of his personal relationship with Dingell. During the homily, the priest remembered and shared the questions Dingell articulated: “Father, at the end of all this, do you think God can forgive me?” “Father, am I all right with the Lord? Do you think I am all right with the Lord?” The priest did assure Dingell that forgiveness was extended and that he would be all right with the Lord.

While some would argue that, in view of President Trump's unfortunate remarks in Battle Creek on Wednesday, it is inappropriate to discuss salvation or damnation, I believe this is a vital topic we should all be considering now regardless of our age or status in life.

At this time of the year some of us celebrate the incarnation, by which God has made (and is making) peace with sinful man by sending a Savior, Jesus Christ, to redeem him.

While this occurred over 2,000 years ago, the birth of Christ is still an important message.

Merry Christmas to all,

Nancy McGuire, Brighton

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