Letters: Readers sound off on Michelle Obama, impeachment and faulty breath alcohol tests

The Detroit News

Trump’s classless act on Michelle Obama’s birthday

In a splendid display of the absence of any class, President Donald Trump suspended Michelle Obama's nutritional programs on her birthday, Jan. 17. Obama's signature initiative was developing nutritional initiatives that focused on reducing childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama makes a surprise entrance on a roundtable discussion with a group of men from Wayne State University in Detroit on Dec. 11, 2018.

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Doesn't Trump realize healthy children are our future of this country? Or is he simply consumed by his desire to destroy anything related to the Obamas?

Jerry Maxey, Farmington Hills

Impeachment is no hoax

In his recent column, "Impeachment fairness? Too late" (Jan. 19), Nolan Finley writes that the impeachment trial is a political farce and a circus.

It is neither.

This process has revealed important information that every American, and all the countries of the world, have a right to know: that the president committed acts that are unconstitutional, dangerous and immoral. Numerous items of evidence have been presented.

Fran Potasnik, Saline

How about justice in false unemployment fraud fiasco?

I completely agree with your editorial, "Set aside DUI cases linked to faulty testers" Jan. 19. Setting aside DUI cases linked with faulty testers and providing financial compensation for the victims is the only fair thing to do. 

But I don't recall such a clear call for compensation for the 40,000 Michiganians who were accused of unemployment fraud because of a faulty computer program.

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The consequences for many of those victims were far more severe than a $10,000 bill for an incorrect DUI conviction. Why not demand justice for those people?

Jim Collins, Farmington Hills