Letters: Readers question gun control, energy

The Detroit News

Regarding a news story that ran on March 7, “Strong support for Michigan gun restrictions, poll finds: ‘Time to make some bigger steps," as usual, the group that conducted the gun control poll relied on people self-identifying as Republicans or Democrats and we have no knowledge about the actual questions asked. One important question: Was anyone asked about how they felt about the Democratic prosecutors not enforcing existing gun laws?

Apparently, the pollster was only concerned with passing new gun laws, not enforcing existing laws, which arguably invalidates the poll.

Richard Dreist

Royal Oak

When President Donald Trump was in office we produced and exported more oil and natural gas than anyone in the world. The U.S. was energy independent. Now our household energy costs are through the roof.

The fact is solar and wind cannot sustain us. And the more electric cars we build, the more power plants we will need. The more batteries that are produced for these vehicles, the more wind up in landfills with our garbage, destroying our ground water and emitting poisonous gases for us to breathe.

In Michigan they are destroying coal burning power plants and replacing them with natural gas. On the surface this might sound like a great idea. But what they’ve done is created a natural gas shortage. We should wake up before we’re at a real crisis point.

Jerome Gage