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Car Radio, Podcast 75, Pts 1/2: Riding Waymo, Miller-Bullock-Merlo/Autorama, Smith/IndyCar St Pete, Sullivan/autonomous tech, Swears/Tundra

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio Show, 910 AM Detroit, February 26, 2022

Host: Henry Payne, The Detroit News

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-15 min: Sophia Lovasz, Tempe resident, talking autonomous Waymo rides. 

15-18: Ad break

20-30: Stephen Cole Smith, race writer for Autoweek/Grassroots Motorsports. Talking IndyCar opener, St. Petersburg nd Daytona 500 results. 

30-33: Ad break

33-40: Continue with Cole Smith.

40-55: Jamie Sullivan, VP Business Development for Derq. Talking autonomous vehicle tech. 

55-1.00 hr: Ad break

1.00-1.15 hr:

Call-in with Chuck Miller, Zingers designer. Taking Cavalcade of Customs and Autorama. 

1.15-1.20: Ad Break

1.20-1.40: Harold Bullock, owner/Milan Raceway. Cell #: (734) 771-6100. His partner, Perry Merlo, will call into the station number 7600.

1.30-1.34: Ad Break

1.34-1.40: More with Milan Raceway owners.

1.40-1.55: Taped interview with Mike Swears, Chief engineer, Toyota Tundra.