Car Radio, Podcast 82, Pts 1/2: LIVE Autobahn–Allaer/F1600, Fix-Brooke/Car of Yr, Murphy/Lyriq, Symons/Escalade-V, Piva-Katakis/Broncos

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio Show, 910 AM, July 9, 2022

LIVE from Autobahn Raceway, Joliet, IL

Host: Henry Payne, Auto columnist, The Detroit News

Interview Schedule

(Host Payne on race track for qualifying session, first hour)

00-15 min: Taped interview with Tristan Murphy, Interior designer, Cadillac Lyriq. 

15-22 min: Ad Break

22-30: Taped interview with Mike Symons, Chief engineer, Cadillac Escalade V

30-35: Ad Break

35-1.41: Continue with Simons Escalade tape.

41-45: Taped interview with Chris Piva, Lead Devlpt. Engineer, Ford Bronco Raptor. 

45-12.48: Ad Break

48-55: Continue with Piva, Bronco Raptor.

1.00 hr: Payne LIVE from Autobahn Raceway

1.05-1.15 hr: Nolan Allaer, F1600 racer. Talking racing career, F1600 season 

1.15-1.20: Ad break

1.20-1.40: Lauren Fix and Lindsay Brooke, NACTOY jurors, on 2023 Car of Year nominees. 

1.30-1.33: Ad break

1.33-1.40: More with Fix, Brooke

1.40-1.55: Manny Katakis, Muscle Cars and Trucks. Talking Ford Bronco Raptor.