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Car Radio, Podcast 14, Parts 1/2: Detroit GP cancel, World Car of Year, MIS iRacing, Prefix, Vines, Hyundai Venue

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio 910 AM, April 11, 2020 Parts 1-2

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-20 min: Bud Denker, president, Detroit Grand Prix. Talking Detroit GP, IndyCar iRacing, IndyCar season. 

20: Ad break

25-40: John McCormick, auto writer, Ride/Detroit News. Talking World Car of Year

40-55: Steven Cole Smith. Talking about IndyCar iRacing at Mich Intl Speedway/Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

55: Ad break

CONT Part 2

1.00-1.20 min: Jhan Dolphin, Head Biz Devlpt. Prefix. Talking Trans Am and COVID-19 medical mask making. Cell #: 847-910-2248

1.20: Ad break

1.20-1.38: Jason Vines, auto consultant/author. Cell #: 703-919-9077

1.38-1.55: Mike O’Brien, Hyundai VP for Product Develpt. Talking about Hyundai Venue. Tape #: LINHP92

1.55: Payne close