Car Radio, Podcast 31, Pts 1/2 : Namovich and Katakis on Hummer, Cole SmithRoselli on Ram TRX, IndyCar, Rogue, TLX

Henry Payne
The Detroit News
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Car Radio, October 24, 2020

Remote Charlevoix, Michigan

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-20 min: Call-in with Tom Namovich, GMC Hummer EV Product Marketing Manager, Talking new Hummer. 

20: Ad break

20-40: Call-in with Manny Katakis, founder/author of Muscle Cars and Trucks. Talking GMC Hummer EV. 

40-55: Call-in with Steven Cole Smith, Grassroots Motor Sports/Autoweek race writer. Talking Ram 1500 TRX and St. Petersburg IndyCar race. 

55-1.00: Ad break

1.00 hr: Payne intro

1.05-1.20: Interview with Jeff Roselli, chief engineer Ram 1500 TRX. 

1.20: Ad break

1.25-1:40: Interview with Jonathan Miller, Nissan Rogue, chief marketing officer. 

1.40-1.55: Interview with John Rivers, Acura TLX product planning chief. 


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