Car Radio, Podcast 45, Pts 1/2: Faust on racing/VW, Rall/Jeep Wagoneer, Newman/COVID sales trends, Cole Smith/IMSA, service ratings, Nissan

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio, March 13, 2021

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-20 min:

Call-in with Patrick Rall, writer with Talking new Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer. 

20: Ad break

20-40: Call-in with Jenni Newman, analyst. Talking pandemic sales trends. 

40-55: Call-in with Stephen Cole Smith, writer with The Drive and Autoweek. Talking IMSA history, Sebring, NHRA opener, Tanner Foust. 

55-1.00: Ad break

1.00-1.20 hr: Taped interview with Tanner Faust, race car driver and VW spokesman. Talking VW Golf R at Smithers. 

1.25-1.39: Call-in with Chris Sutton, VP auto retail, JD Power. Talking consumer satisfaction/EVs. 

1.39-1.55: Taped interview with Priscilla Melendez of Nissan. Talking Nissan Ariya, Z Proto, Pathfinder, Frontier. 16 min. 

1.55: Payne close