Car Radio, Podcast 54, Pts 1/2: Broderdorf/Roadkill Nights, Wiesenfelder/US-Made, Calhoun/Honda Civic, Katakis/muscle cars, Taylor/climate

Henry Payne
The Detroit News

Car Radio, June 26, 2021

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

02-20 min: Bob Broderdorf, Dodge operations chief/Chrysler brand mngr. Talking Roadkill Night August 13-14 powered by Dodge. 

20: Ad break

20-40: exec. editor Joe Wiesenfelder. Talking 2021 American-Made Index winners. 

40-55: Manny Katakis, founder, Muscle Cars & Trucks. Talking Roadkill Nights, Jeep Wrangler 392, EV muscle cars

55-1.00: Ad break

1.00-1.20 hr: James Taylor, Heartland Institute president. Talking Heartland Institute's 14th International Conference on Climate Change, EVs, power grid. 

1.20-1.25: Ad break

1.23-1.39: Dan Calhoun, 2022 Honda Civic product manager. Talking new Civic. 

1.39-1.56: Best of Car Radio: Jovina Young, mkting director Ford Bronco Sport. 

1.56: END