Ted Kulfan and Mark Falkner talk to actor Mark O'Brien who plays ex-Red Wing Terry Sawchuk in the new movie 'Goalie' which debuted on the weekend in 10 theaters in Metro Detroit. They also update Anthony Mantha's injury status, the Andreas Athanasiou trade rumors and they look at Detroit's longest playoff drought in history.

Here are some of the highlights from Episode 16 of OctoPulse:

:45: Anthony Mantha may return to lineup this month

3:15: Andreas Athanasiou trade rumors

4:20: Valtteri Filppula's 1,000th career game

5:30: Interview with Terry Sawchuk actor Mark O'Brien


Trailer for Terry Sawchuk movie 'Goalie,' which debuted this weekend in 10 theaters in Metro Detroit The Detroit News

8:30: Sawchuk's 'fearless' style of play

11:50: 'Daunting' task of replacing Harry Lumley

15:40: Father-son relationship with GM Jack Adams 

19:10: Lifelong battle with depression, alcoholism

22:00: Tragic ending at age 40

24:30: Seven years is Detroit's longest playoff drought

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