OctoPulse podcast: Detroit's trailblazing broadcaster Everett Fitzhugh

The Detroit News

Detroit's Everett Fitzhugh, the first Black NHL team broadcaster with the expansion Seattle Kraken, is the guest on this week's "OctoPulse" podcast.

Ted Kulfan also his predictions for the first round of the NHL playoffs, including upset victories by Columbus, the Islanders and the Flames.

And you can send your comments on the Rangers winning the NHL draft lottery to assistant sports editor Mark Falkner (mfalkner@detroitnews.com). The comments will be included on the next podcast.

Here are some of the highlights from an interview with Fitzhugh on episode 33 of the OctoPulse podcast:

Detroit's Everett Fitzhugh was named the first Black NHL team broadcaster by the expansion Seattle Kraken.

2:30: Adopted and raised by his single mom

5:10: Lessons learned from his mom

8:30: Watching the Red Wings in the 1990s

12:00: Black role models in media

16:10: Hired by the expansion Kraken

20:00: Diversity in the workplace

24:00: Negative comments in The Seattle Times

29:15: Ernie Harwell's influence

33:15: Dream come true at age 31

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