OctoPulse podcast: Hiring ex-Bruins coach Cassidy carries risk, Cutter Gauthier interview

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Ted Kulfan lists the pros and cons of hiring ex-Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy, updates the coaching search with three assistant coaches with the Lightning, and USA Hockey's Cutter Gauthier of Northville is the interview guest.

"I was flabbergasted he (Cassidy) was fired," Kulfan said on the podcast. "This is a guy who coached that team to 100 points every year and runs a well-run operation. I actually thought he got a lot out of that roster this year. I'm not sure what direction they're heading but I can't imagine they'll find a better coach than Bruce Cassidy.

Bruce Cassidy

"There were whispers that he didn't work as well with younger players and that his communication skills aren't the best. He's not afraid to call people though and that's what Steve Yzerman is looking for. There's a lot of pros and cons just like any other candidate. A lot depends on what Cassidy is thinking compared to other jobs."

Here are other highlights from this episode 72 of OctoPulse, Taking the Pulse of the Red Wings' rebuild now in Year 4 of Yzerman's regime.

30 seconds: Bruce Cassidy fired by Bruins

3:45: Tampa Bay's Derek Lalonde potential candidate

5:20: Free agent Ondrej Palat option

6:30: Cutter Gauthier interview

19:10: Steve Yzerman on Sebastian Cossa

21:30: Yzerman on Elmer Soderblom

25:40: 25th anniversary of 1997 Stanley Cup championship

Ted's first-round predictions (5-3)

►In the East, Boston (6), Pittsburgh (6), Florida (6), Tampa Bay (7)

►In the West, Colorado (5), Minnesota (7), Calgary (6), Edmonton (6)

Second-round predictions (2-2)

►In the East, Carolina (6), Tampa Bay (6)

►In the West, Colorado (7), Calgary (6)

Third-round predictions

►In the East, Tampa Bay (6)

►In the West, Colorado (6)