View from the Press Box podcast: UM broadcasters Jim Brandstatter, Dan Dierdorf

The Detroit News

University of Michigan broadcasters Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf are this week's guests on Angelique Chengelis' podcast, "View from the Press Box."

Here are some of the highlights of Angelique's interview with Brandstatter and Dierdorf:

Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf, pictured here with Lloyd Carr (center), understand the tradition of Michigan football as well as anybody.

2:20: Life without college football

7:10: College towns, fans feel the pinch 

11:30: Three conferences take gamble by playing

14:50: Big Ten's decision to shut down

19:20: Second wave in November

22:40: Parents outraged

25:40: Players and face shields

30:30: Players following protocols

35:20: Jaylen Mayfield declares for NFL draft

40:00: Replacing five offensive linemen

44:20: Winning the line of scrimmage

47:30: Dierdorf vs. Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Jim Brandstatter

52:30: Monday Night Football with Brian Griese

57:30: Fading off into the sunset

60:00: College season starts Sept. 5

62:10: Brian Griese myth

67:30: Waiting in a holding period