5 of the top benefits that come with Managed Print Services

More companies are using MPS to manage all aspects of their printing.

Jennifer Markert for Marco
Managed Print Services cut costs and improve business security.

Whether you work in a law office in Detroit or a photography studio in Ann Arbor, odds are you rely on printing a good deal. In spite of our so-called digital revolution, a recent survey found that 9 in 10 consumers agree there will always be a need for printed materials, with 4 out of 5 small business owners counting on print to stand out.

But the benefits of managing your own printing only go so far. That’s why more and more companies are utilizing Managed Print Services to manage all aspects of their printing by streamlining processes, cutting costs, improving security and helping the environment. Companies like Marco provide just that: MPS (Managed Print Services), a solution that includes supplies, onsite service, remote helpdesk support, hardware replacement and more.

Ed Schwarz is a Managed Services Specialist and expert of all things MPS at Marco’s Detroit location. According to Schwarz, “Some businesses believe that they can best manage their print environment.” In addition, he says, “IT departments believe they need to focus on print because other departments do not. There are many cost-effective benefits for companies to look to an experienced MPS Provider.”

But Schwarz knows something that those businesses that manage their own printing don’t: The benefits transcend costs. Here are the top five benefits of using MPS, as told by Schwarz.

1. Operational efficiency

Besides cost, Schwarz believes that the single biggest benefit of MPS comes down to operational efficiency. “Marco has over 700 technicians, and engineers focused on supporting our clients’ infrastructure and environment, bringing expertise, consistency and quality to this area of business, says Schwarz. “This, in turn, makes business more efficient, so their IT department and administrative resources can focus on their core competencies while trusting that all print issues are taken care of.”

2. Information security

Information security is more important than ever in our increasingly tech-forward world. It’s natural, then, that any customer would be hesitant to hand over sensitive information to a third party. What many businesses don’t realize, however, is that their information is likely safer in the hands of a dedicated MPS Provider than being printed on a shared office printer.

In fact, 70% of businesses have experienced print-related breaches, and 64% of IT managers believe their printers are likely infected with malware, which could put the entire company at risk. “Managed Services Providers like Marco, by contrast, are committed to the security and privacy of personal information and assisting our customers with protecting the safety of their personal information,” says Schwarz.

Marco’s commitment to hard drive security is reflected in the security statements of every printer/copier manufacturer utilized. These detail security options are either currently integrated into the copier/printer or available as an add-on. In addition to best practices, Marco offers software solutions that help clients implement secure print release and follow-me printing to avoid printed materials from landing in the hands of unintended users.

3. Less waste

Streamlining efficiency is a great way to cut down on waste, and MPS does not disappoint in this regard. According to Schwarz, “Companies that don’t manage their print environment today proactively through an MPS solution have toner and ink on the shelves that have been purchased and never get used when a device is retired or removed.”

Not only are toner and ink commonly wasted, but also papers printed in error or never collected. According to Schwarz, “MPS eliminates waste related to unused supplies and paper consumption, not to mention the hours of time spent trying to manage the print environment.”

One feature, called “secure print release,” reduces print volume by close to 30% when implemented and leads to huge savings on consumables.

4. Environmental friendliness

Speaking of waste and environment on a larger scale, wasted materials are bad for the planet, especially if not recycled properly. Managed Print Services can help with this too. “At Marco, we believe it is not enough for a business to do well. It must also do “good,” Schwarz says. For this reason, Marco provides toner recycling at no cost to their customers as part of their green initiative.

“Implementing ways to save energy and promote energy-efficient technologies is part of our corporate strategy to protect our environment,” Schwarz explains. “We also share ‘green’ tips with our customers, such as ways to “print smarter” and instructions for recycling toner cartridges.” Marco’s partnerships with “green vendors,” such as Konica Minolta, Lexmark and HP allow the company to work with like-minded businesses toward a greener future.

In addition to the above practice, Marco helps customers reduce the number of printed pages which helps reduce paper consumption and ultimately trees.

5. Tangible cost savings

Last but certainly not least, especially for small businesses that may be considering MPS, there’s the cost savings.

Marco’s clients experience cost savings in large part due to increased operational efficiency. “MPS simplifies our customer’s purchasing process, reduces administrative costs and extends the lifespan of their print assets,” Schwarz says. “When coupled with MPS software solutions, our customers control and track their print spend and reduce print volume.”

The MPS message is clear: Businesses will have all the tools they need to thrive, save money and maybe save a tree or two in the meantime.

“It all starts with an assessment,” Schwarz says, followed by three more steps: planning, measuring, and finally, managing. “Benefits are realized immediately.”

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