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A strong company culture inspires tech team members and drives productivity.

Michelle Martin, for Rocket Mortgage®
Strong, culture-driven companies are rewarding and inspiring to their team members.

A strong company culture can impact a team member’s happiness, sense of value and overall productivity, and achieving a positive culture requires more than just offering good pay and benefits. It requires a commitment to diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and opportunities for growth.

Looking for a tech career with an organization that has a positive, entrepreneurial culture? Here are five ways that strong, culture-driven companies are rewarding and inspiring their team members.

Flexibility, Work-Life Balance, Shared Philosophies

If there’s anything we’ve learned from COVID-19, it’s that flexibility is more important now than ever.

Many team members are juggling full-time jobs while taking care of their children and helping them learn remotely. Others are checking in on elderly parents and running errands for them. Doing these things requires working for a company that offers flexibility and a work-life balance.

Even before COVID-19, many team members had said that work-life balance is one of the most important things that a company can offer – and Rocket Mortgage® has taken that to heart. The company knows that letting team members work remotely to accommodate appointments and activities or to work from home when the weather is bad, builds a work-life balance. And that helps Rocket Mortgage® recruit – and retain – the best tech talent.

The organization’s strong culture is also upheld by 19 philosophies called ISMs which inspire growth, passion and innovation every single day. These philosophies help unite all team members around a robust company culture that drives productivity, boosts camaraderie and ignites positive change.

Opportunities For Growth

Team members want to grow with a company through promotions and changing work assignments – and they want the company to help them get there.

Having access to professional development is one of the most common questions that prospective team members ask when interviewing at a company. And benefits such as tuition reimbursement, mentorship and other professional development opportunities help companies recruit and retain top talent – especially in the technology sector.

Rocket Mortgage® offers its team members the opportunity to get an undergraduate or graduate degree, high school diploma or certificate through Rock Academy. Team members who have worked at Rocket Mortgage® for at least 6 months can earn select degrees with 100% tuition reimbursement with Rock Academy’s in-network programs or they can pick the program of their choice and get up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement per year. Team members can also speak with education coaches who can help support them during the transition back to school. For more information on Rock Academy, click here.

The company also offers a wide variety of other opportunities to grow professionally, including Hack Week, a quarterly, weeklong event that allows tech team members to build new, impactful solutions, engage in research prototyping and collaborate across tech and business; and Tech Con, an annual event that brings together speakers from inside and outside the company to discuss the latest trends in the industry.

Promoting a work-life balance helps a company recruit and retain top talent.

Diversity And Inclusion

A commitment to diversity and inclusion not only benefits team members, but it also benefits companies as well. That's because diversity promotes creativity and innovation, and having a diverse workforce ensures that companies are recruiting the best and brightest team members. All of that leads to better products and a more successful company.

At the same time, team members want to work for a company that’s committed to inclusion. Having a diverse workforce is important but making sure that every team member’s voice is heard and valued is just as important ­– and it helps to foster a committed, loyal workforce.

Rocket Mortgage® offers team member resource networks (TMRNs) that support the company’s diverse workforce. These networks are created by team members, for team members and champion diversity and inclusion initiatives within STEM for all minorities, celebrate women’s career accomplishments, support team members with visible and nonvisible disabilities and promote veterans and their spouses.

Open Communication

Following George Floyd’s death, Jay Farner, CEO of Rocket Mortgage®, released a six-point action plan to team members outlining how the company would advance the discussion on race, law enforcement engagement and inclusion. And he didn’t stop there – he also published the plan in an op-ed for the Michigan Chronicle, an African-American owned news publication, ensuring that all team members, clients and the community were aware.

That type of open communication is one that team members value from a company. Understanding where their company stands on an issue or having a detailed plan for how a company will handle something like COVID-19, increases a team member’s sense of value and loyalty within an organization.

Good Pay And Benefits

Competitive pay and benefits are among the top wants and needs for team members not only in the technology field, but in any sector.

Begin a tech career with a company that strives to create a positive culture for its team members.

When weighing a job offer, team members not only consider the salary, but they also equally weigh vacation, retirement contributions and health benefits – among others. Additional perks, such as day care subsidies, pet insurance and paid parking, also can make one job offer more appealing over another.

Rocket Mortgage® offers all of these benefits and more, along with a supportive team and job stability – benefits that help to create devoted, committed team members and help drive overall productivity and company success.

To learn more about how Rocket Mortgage® is creating a strong company culture that creates devoted team members and to explore new tech career opportunities, visit

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