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Annual events build team camaraderie and culture for tech team members.

Michelle Martin for Rocket Mortgage®
Rocket Mortgage® leads the way in building company culture and camaraderie.

In today’s world, with the ability to work from home, there are many more opportunities when looking for a new job – and that’s especially true for those who work in the tech field.

But finding the right company – and a positive workplace culture – can sometimes be challenging.

Rocket Mortgage® inspires team camaraderie and strengthens its company culture by showing their tech team members how much they’re valued. From recognition like the company’s Inventorship Program – which rewards team members for their novel creations in the tech space – to technology-focused conferences, programs and events, Rocket Mortgage® recruits and retains team members by investing in their personal and professional growth.

Here are some ways Rocket Mortgage® builds camaraderie and inspires a positive culture with their technology team.

Tech Con And Technology Speaker Series

Whether they’re early in their careers or seasoned professionals, team members want opportunities to advance their skills. The technology teams at Rocket Mortgage® have a number of opportunities throughout the year to learn from technology industry experts and stay up to date on industry trends. Every year, technology teams at Rocket Mortgage® come together for Tech Con, a 2-day event that provides the opportunity to learn from world-class speakers. This year’s conference was virtual with 4,000 team members across the company, along with members of the community, tuning in to listen to speakers like Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital. Last year, renowned quantum physicist Dr. Shohini Ghose joined Tech Con to speak to the team about quantum computing.

Tech Con is not the only opportunity for team members to hear from industry experts. On a regular basis throughout the year, the Rocket Mortgage® Technology Speaker Series brings in outside industry speakers to share their expertise with team members.

Hack Week brings together technology team members for the opportunity to build and collaborate on impactful solutions.

Hack Week

Technology professionals are always on top of the latest technology, and they’re always looking for ways to make an impact.

That’s why every quarter, the Rocket Mortgage® Technology team spends a full week working on projects that could become the company’s next big innovation. Team members break into small groups and pursue projects that fit their passions.

Hack Week gives technology team members the opportunity to step away from their day-to-day projects to experiment with emerging technologies, build impactful solutions and collaborate with others across Technology. One Hack Week project that’s in the works is an installable browser that tests how websites look to people who have visual impairments.   

Technology Gives Back

The best companies help their communities, and Rocket Mortgage® makes sure that their team members are able to contribute in meaningful ways by sharing their technology skills.

The company’s Technology Gives Back program allows team members to volunteer their time and talents in ways that leverage their tech skills. Outside of technology-specific volunteer opportunities, there are many other ways to give back, such as Neighborhoods Week, which encourages team members to make a difference in their home communities, and QSTEM, a program that invites Detroit middle school students to learn about technology and computer programming.

IT Family Gatherings And Talk IT

Regular meetings – whether held in person or virtually – keep team members up to date on the latest company initiatives.

IT Family Gatherings bring together all tech team members to celebrate their successes, learn about ongoing initiatives and updates, and to have some fun. Additionally, the company’s “Talk IT” show gathers the full team together virtually to hear from leaders across Rocket Mortgage® and share stories that are both entertaining and inspiring.  

Every year, Rocket Mortgage® technology team members celebrate Tech Con, a 2-day event that provides the opportunity to learn from world-class speakers.


One of the best ways that people can learn and grow is by sharing knowledge, and the Rocket Mortgage® Technology blog is the ideal place for tech team members to do exactly that.

The blog publishes articles by team members that showcase their expertise and thought leadership. Team members share everything from hands-on guides for engineers using the latest technologies to how the company’s 20 ISMs – its guiding philosophies – relate to technology and impact their everyday work.

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