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5 tips to finding your ideal metro Detroit home

By Ashley Zlatopolsky for Toll Brothers
Ready to find more space for your growing family? If you're thinking of buying a new home, here's what to look for in a neighborhood where you and your loved ones can live your best lives.

When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood for your dream home in metro Detroit, your plate is likely full of things to consider. Location is key, along with price and amenities, and you’ll want to think about where you want to live and why. But figuring out a target ballpark is just the first step – it’s the little things that will make the most practical differences, such as how far your favorite cycling class will be from your home and if the grocery store near you carries the right foods for your family’s needs.

Identify everything that will enrich the lives of you and your loved ones, from after-school art programs to having access to a good park. Here are five things to look into when searching for the right local neighborhood for a new home, which Toll Brothers, an award-winning company building in 20 states, can help you find.

A school that's right for your children's needs should be a top priority when determining where your new home should be.





If you have a family – or are considering starting one soon – a top priority to keep in mind when weighing out neighborhood options for a new home is what kind of education is available in your surroundings. Take a look at nearby public or private schools and what they offer, such as after-school activities, enrichment and college preparatory programs. If your child enjoys being creative, Ann Arbor offers a variety of theater, arts and night programs for kids. Set aside time to research average test scores in the area, teacher-to-student ratio and parent reviews. Once you’ve determined a few that may be a good fit for your family’s needs, arrange a tour of each to ensure that they’re clean, safe and provide a constructive environment that will be both encouraging and fun.

Medical care

The metro Detroit area is known for its renowned medical care. From Ann Arbor, to Novi, to downtown Detroit, there are top hospitals within fast driving distance from all neighborhoods. There are even several specialty hospitals in the area that will be there for you and your loved ones if you need immediate care. The region is also rich with dozens of urgent care, primary care and specialty care facilities that provide you with a variety of options to choose from. In different cities, you’ll find everything necessary to keep your health in check, from preventive programs to wellness initiatives like community runs and outdoor yoga. In the neighborhood you choose make sure that your specific health needs can be met and that your personal doctors are easily accessible from your home.


Consider your commute to work: do you have a long drive ahead of you every day? If so, it may be worth looking into neighborhoods that are located near major expressways like I-96 or M-14, or close to your place of work. This will be especially important in the winter when commute time can double or even triple in Michigan – nobody wants to be unproductive in the car for three hours trying to get to the office in a snowstorm. Hamlet Pointe and Hamlet Meadows, which are located within the existing community of The Hamlet, have two-story home designs situated close to freeways such as I-275 and I-94 in Canton.


You'll want to have your basic needs within reasonable distance from your home, such as good grocery stores and gas stations.


What are some of the items you purchase regularly? Pet supplies? Organic groceries? Materials for home improvement projects? Jot down everything you regularly buy and make sure that these products are available near you when planning out potential locations for your new home in metro Detroit. Depending on how far you want to drive, your basic needs should be within reasonable distance. If you prefer to purchase local, seek a location with smaller specialty stores where Michigan-made products are stocked. In the fall, if your family enjoys the favorite local tradition of visiting different cider mills, many are centered around the Northville area.

And don’t forget about your furry friends – it’s important to make sure that their shopping needs can be met as well. If you’ve got a few dogs, for example, look for a neighborhood with accessible pet supply stores and areas where they can play. You can find a dog park and paved walking paths at the Ridgeview Villas in Novi, which offer low-maintenance luxury villa living.


Your surroundings should make you feel comfortable, secure and above all, happy. Research what’s around you – are there every day conveniences like banks or pharmacies, or a fire department within a few miles? These are all important things to weigh out when searching for the perfect Motor City area to plant your roots in. Also factor in what you like to do for fun: if you enjoy going to the gym or taking specialty workout classes, a neighborhood with a wide variety of fitness options may be a great fit for you. And if you’re an outdoors type, or your kids like to play sports, look for neighborhoods with nearby parks. For those seeking activities that are uniquely Detroit, you’ll find dedicated group bicycle nights in the city in warmer seasons, where hundreds gather to cycle through the streets – plus several celebrated music festivals. In Ann Arbor, you’ll find an array of arts and culture events taking place in downtown all year long.

Ready to take the next step? A Toll Brothers sales representative can help you identify the best neighborhood for the home you’ve always wanted in metro Detroit.