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Move-in ready homes make the home-buying process quick and easy

Michelle Martin for Toll Brothers
Opting for a move-in ready home simplifies the home-buying process.

Hoping to change school districts this fall? Or did you just sell your home and want something you can move into quickly? Purchasing a new home that is move-in ready is the ideal option for home buyers who would like a new-construction home with a short turnaround time from agreement to closing.

“Lots of families are incredibly busy these days,” said Nadia Mekled, senior sales manager with Toll Brothers, an award-winning national builder that builds homes in 20 states. “They don’t have time to go through the entire build process, and they trust us to select the most important features of a home. The process is so simple. Our move-in ready homes offer all of the best, most popular features at a great price.”

Thinking about purchasing a move-in ready home? Here are some reasons why this option could be right for you.

Purchasing a new home that is move-in ready is the ideal option for home buyers who would like a new-construction home with a short turnaround time from agreement to closing.

Quick turnaround time

A move-in ready home makes the home-buying process simple — there’s no need to spend your weekends and evenings poring over listings, worrying about home inspections or being outbid by other buyers.

“It’s so easy — it’s a well-oiled machine,” Mekled said. “You can walk in the door, sign a contract within an hour and be ready to close within a month.”

In the current seller’s market, houses are selling quickly, leaving those who have sold their old home with little time to find something new. Toll Brothers’ move-in ready homes, which are well under construction, can be ready for occupancy in a matter of weeks.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Mekled said. “You have the luxury of a new home with all of the sought-after features along with a quick turnaround time.”

Amenities in Toll Brothers’ move-in ready homes include stainless steel, granite or quartz countertops and modern lighting systems.

Top-of-the-line luxury

As a luxury home builder, Toll Brothers uses name-brand, top-of-the-line products in all of its homes.

“With a Toll Brothers move-in ready home, you aren’t losing out on luxury,” Mekled said. “If anything, you are getting the top-trending styles and finishes that are most popular with our buyers. We are a luxury home builder, and we only partner with the top brands.”

Stainless steel, granite or quartz countertops and modern lighting systems are among the impressive amenities in Toll Brothers’ move-in ready homes. Features such as cabinetry and flooring are already selected and installed. But in some cases, depending on the move-in date, homebuyers can customize some of these options.

Toll Brothers also chooses the floor plans and exterior designs that are most popular with buyers. The floor plans keep in mind what people want today — large open kitchens, fewer formal spaces and plenty of storage.

“For our move-in ready homes, we know what our buyers are looking for,” Mekled said. “They appreciate that we’ve already done that work for them.”

Energy efficiency and technology upgrades

Like other new houses, move-in ready homes are energy efficient and include the latest in technology.

“We make it a priority to install energy-efficient windows and high-efficiency furnaces, so our move-in ready homes are fully equipped for energy savings,” Mekled said. “We also include a lot of smart technology in our homes.”

Unlike older homes, new move-in ready homes are designed with technology in mind. That includes smart alarm systems that monitor for security, fire, water damage and carbon monoxide.

“The smart homes can be customized depending on the stage of the build,” Mekled said. “These options offer our buyers peace of mind.”


Some homebuyers worry about the logistics of ordering landscaping for their new-construction home, but that’s not the case with the new move-in ready homes from Toll Brothers.

“We make it easy for families,” Mekled said. “The landscaping is typically installed by the time of closing if weather permits, so there’s no reason to deal with landscaping contractors or wondering about additional costs. All of this is included in the contract price.”

Many Toll Brothers’ move-in ready homes even include a deck. Trailwoods in Ann Arbor and Hamlet Meadows in Canton, for instance, have a deck — homebuyers just move in and enjoy.

All-included pricing

When people purchase a previously owned home, they typically expect to put a large sum of money into it — refinishing the floors, painting the rooms, even gutting a kitchen or bathroom. Each of those projects quickly adds up, and there’s no telling what the final cost will be.

With a new move-in ready home, there are no surprises. The cost at the time of the agreement is the cost at closing.

Toll Brothers also offers a quick and easy pre-approval process at its community offices, which are open seven days a week.

“Homebuyers really appreciate how simple we make purchasing a new home,” Mekled said.

Ready to purchase a new move-in ready home? A Toll Brothers sales representative can help you move in to a home you love — quickly and seamlessly.