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Ann Arbor — Suddenly, Michigan was playing a night game.

A nearly two-and-a-half-hour weather delay — the NCAA stipulates there must be a minimum 30-minute delay after the last lightning strike — halted Saturday's game at 6:25 p.m. with 7:51 left to play, pushing the Michigan-Utah game under the lights.

It resumed at 8:49 p.m., with the Utes winning 26-10 after heavy rains soaked the field and lightning filled the sky.

"It was a bizarre scenario," Michigan center Jack Miller said. "We were trying to stay loose and hydrated."

Senior linebacker Jake Ryan said they met as a position group with coaches.

"It was kind of like a glorified halftime," Ryan said.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke encountered something similar in his first game with the Wolverines in 2011 against Western Michigan. The game was called late in the fourth quarter with the Wolverines leading, 34-10.

"We had the one a couple years ago against Western Michigan, we went out and played and came back in," Hoke said. "You have a little bit of an idea about it, but this was a long one. We fed the kids a little bit. They ate some stuff that's good for them to eat. They relaxed. They all have iPads these days, and some of them relaxed. Then we came together. They were excited to get back on the field."

Nothing going on here

Hoke and defensive coordinator Greg Mattison were captured by ESPN cameras in a heated exchange just before halftime.

Michigan's Frank Clark had just recorded a sack for a 13-yard loss for fourth and long, but then Michigan got a 5-yard penalty for sideline interference. That changed a 43-yard Utah field goal attempt to a 38-yarder.

Hoke dismissed the incident with Mattison.

"I've known Greg since 1984," Hoke said. "I can guarantee you that wasn't the first time two competitive men have had a, I wouldn't even call it an argument."

What would he call it?

"A discussion," he said. "You ought to see us play Euchre."

Play of the game

Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis made a touchdown-saving tackle running across the field to stop Utah's Bubba Poole, who had run 67 yards and would have scored.

The Utes settled for a field goal on that drive.

"Jourdan Lewis played his tail off," Hoke said. "If you don't write about the play he made to keep them out of the end zone, then you don't know anything about the game.

"That effort he made from all the way across the field, I can remember Woody Hankins did that down at Ohio (State) in 1996 (and) kept them to a field goal and that was a 13-9 game. We show that clip every year of a backside corner doing that, and that's what (Lewis) did."


University of Michigan Coach Brady Hoke speaks the 26-10 loss to Utah

Defensive score

While Michigan is minus-10 in turnover margin, the Wolverines did score a touchdown off an interception.

Willie Henry ran back a pick 7 yards for the score.

"Willie will tell you he probably diagnosed it," Hoke said. "Willie popped out, did a nice job, got his hands up. Willie is a pretty athletic 305-pounder. It's a good football play. Don't know what else to say about it."