Video: Urban Meyer can only say 'Team up north'

The Detroit News
Urban Meyer appears on "Late Night with David Letterman," which airs tonight.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer can't say bear to say "Michigan," at least not on national TV.

Meyer appears on "Late Show with David Letterman" (tonight 11:35 p.m. Channel 62) where he discusses the Buckeyes' quarterbacking situation leading up to the national championship victory over Oregon.

"Braxton (Miller) was a Heisman candidate and he hurt his shoulder in practice and. J.T. (Barrett) took over and became a Heisman finalist and broke his ankle against the team up north," Meyer says.

David Letterman interjects, "When you say team up north?"

"That's our rival," Meyer says. "Can't say the word."

"Michigan?" Letterman asks.

"Can't say the word," Meyer repeats.

As for his dilemma of having two qualified quarterbacks Cardale Jones and Barrett vying for the starting job, the late night host offered a solution.

"Why don't take you take the two guys aside and say, 'Have you thought about a career as a mascot?'"