Tigers add taste of breakfast to concession menu

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Detroit — Last year, it was the poutine hot dog. Well, the chefs at Comerica Park continue to attempt to outdo themselves.

This year's new buzz menu item will be bacon and eggs.

So, what's so unusual about that?

For starters, it's bacon on a stick — and that's topped with three deviled eggs, plus fried jalapenos, for a grand total of a whopping 827 calories.

Yeah, who cares. Where do we sign up!?!

Of course, there's more.

The Tigers also will be selling a Coney quesadilla, which is exactly what it sounds like: a snap hot dog with sauce and onions, wrapped in a grilled tortilla.

Other new menu items include a pork-rind platter, and a chips-and-dip dog, a hot dog topped with potato chips and a house-made onion dip.

The Tigers have not yet set prices for the new menu items.​