Sports media rumblings: 'Valenti & Foster' streaming on video

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Mike Valenti is co-host of "Valenti & Foster."

Some people want to watch radio broadcasts. Yes, watch.

"Mike & Mike" have proven the model successful, and out of the sports world, so has Rush Limbaugh. And many others.

So 97.1 The Ticket has decided to ride that wave.

The sports-talk powerhouse recently unveiled a live Internet video stream of the uber-popular "Valenti & Foster" show, with Mike Valenti and Terry Foster, also of The Detroit News.

The live video stream is just that — live video of the duo (or whoever is filling in for one of them) doing their radio show. The live video stream features three camera shots, one of the whole studio and one each for closeups of the two hosts.

So, if you ever wanted to know what radio guys wear to work, well, here's your chance. (Of course, I betcha they're dressing better these days.)

The move is a smart one for 97.1, which wants to find any way possible to capitalize on one of the highest-rated local sports-talk shows in the nation. Yes, nation.

The live video stream provides 97.1 another advertisement revenue stream — it airs video spots during the show's commercial breaks — plus the potential for a lot more web clicks at That, in turn, could also lead to more advertising revenue.

"Basically, it's another way to market the show/station and extend the brand," said Jimmy Powers, 97.1 program director, in an email.

Right now, 97.1 is using the live video stream just for "Valenti & Foster," the station's banner show. The possibility exists to extend it other shows down the road.

Soccer on march

Detroit City FC is really connecting with fans these days, so much so that the soccer team actually has sold out of season tickets ahead of Saturday's exhibition opener against Saginaw Valley State at Hurley Field in Berkley.

The team's fans also now can watch all the games, via a live stream on the Internet.

Detroit City FC this week announced that local broadcaster NealRuhlwill serve as the play-by-play voice, and Zeke Harris will be the analyst. Harris previously played for Detroit City FC, as well as the University of Michigan.

"I'm really excited about it," Ruhl said.

Ruhl serves as the voice of Oakland University men's basketball, but has soccer experience, too. The last two years, he's called Oakland men's and women's games.

It's not yet clear where the games will be streamed on the Internet. The goal appears to be eventually getting the games broadcast on local television. For Detroit City FC's complete schedule, visit

Initial change

Notice anything different about Fox Sports baseball reporter Jon PaulMorosi lately? On national broadcasts, he's now going by JP Morosi.

Why the switch? Are initials sexier? Did people think he was angling for pope? Turns out, the reason is not all that interesting, he says.

Last year, he was working a game as a "sideline" reporter, while Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz were in the booth.

"And the last thing I wanted was to hear 'John' over the headset and think the producer was talking to me," said Morosi, a Metro Detroit native and resident who used to cover the Tigers for the Detroit Free Press.

Morosi continues to stick with Jon Paul for his byline, on

"I should probably pick a name and go with it," he said. "Eventually, perhaps I will go back to my Italian roots and insist on 'Giovanni Paolo.'"

Too flip

Drew Lane and Marc Fellhauer tackled the McDonald's employee walkout in a segment or two on Detroit Sports 105.1 on Wednesday.

The best material, though, came from a caller.

Can't remember the name, but the fella was siding with McDonald's keeping its wages where they are — rather than raising them to 15 bucks an hour and, in turn, "supporting irresponsible choices" by employees. Having children out of wedlock was the example he cited.

I chuckled.

Really, isn't McDonald's all for people making irresponsible choices? Like, oh, eating McDonald's?

Media musings

How's this for an out-of-context quote of the week:

"We're high!" Tigers color man Jim Price said on the broadcast Monday.

Relax, relax. Price was simply making reference to the booth's sky-scraping locale at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

...Dave Shore is a couple weeks into his new job as program director at Detroit Sports 105.1, having replaced Jason Dixon. Shore has a whole lot of work ahead of him, as 105.1 scraps and claws for better ratings. We'll catch up with Shore next week, and see what his vision is for the station, which remains the Pistons' flagship.

... With the Red Wings in the playoffs, the Tigers will move to FSD-Plus on April 21, and possibly April 27, if the Wings-Lightning series is still going on.

... Rod Allen will be the analyst for the upcoming Tigers series against the White Sox and Yankees.