Robby Gordon barrels to victory in super truck event

David Goricki
The Detroit News

Detroit — Robby Gordon brought the Speed Energy Stadium Super Truck Series to Belle Isle last year, then topped his competitors Friday afternoon to kick off race weekend.

Gordon topped the 10-truck field, beating E.J. Viso to the finish line with a strong move on the final lap. It was the first of three truck races with Race No. 2 set for Saturday and Race No. 3 coming up Sunday.

The series showcases trucks hitting various ramps across the track at 70 miles-per-hour, then soaring 15 feet into the air before returning to the track to race at nearly 150 mph.

"I got a decent run on him and I forced him to the right, faked him to the right and then I went to the left and he locked up his brakes and once he locked them up I just drove right down the inside," said Gordon, who won the IndyCar race on Belle Isle 20 years ago. "E.J.'s a great race car driver, won all three last year."

Burt Jenner finished third.

Gordon was asked what was sweeter, the IndyCar win or a win in his own series?

"It's kind of crazy when you think about it, twenty years ago and that Indy Car win was obviously sweeter since it was a childhood dream and this is the next dream," Gordon said. "I wanted to bring (the) Mickey Thompson series back and I think we've been able to bring it back and introduce it to people that have never seen it before.

"We're taken it to different countries (England next month). You can't bring Baja to Detroit, but we can bring this to Detroit. It gives Detroit an opportunity to see what something like Baja would be, obviously Baja has dirt jumps and a lot of dust. This is cool. The fans love it and if you see most of our photos from the weekend, the grandstands are full and everybody has their phone out with video, which is different from every other form of motorsport."

The series will move on to the X-Games next week with former NASCAR Winston Cup champion Rusty Wallace in the field.