Heart of UM Mott patient, 10, stays true to Ohio State

The Detroit News

Ivan Applin, a 10-year-old from Toledo, faced a procedure to install a device to fix holes in his heart, but he made his priorities known.

He asked pediatric cardiologist Dr. Ronald Grifka if the procedure at Michigan's CS Mott Children's Hospital would change his loyalties.

"He asked if the Michigan doctors were going to make his heart love University of Michigan instead of Ohio State," his mother Jennifer said in a UM Health Systems blog on Tuesday.

He became one of the first patients in Michigan to receive a new-FDA-approved device used to repair a heart defect known as atrial septal defect, according to the website. Children born with this condition have a hole in their heart that interferes with proper blood flow to their organs.

Ivan Applin, 10, of Toledo is a big Ohio State fan.

Applin had the procedure at the Congenital Heart Center at Mott Hospital. When he was born, Ivan's heart had several holes that enlarged as he got older.

After the procedure, he was walking and eating later the same day and able to return home the following morning. He had no incision, stitches or blood transfusion, and will be able to return to normal activities within a few weeks.