Auburn Hills — From time to time, Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy brings in guests to speak to the players and try to impart some wisdom.

Friday's guest is bringing a bit more cache than a typical middle school speaker for career day, as the team will welcome Pistons legend and former Detroit mayor Dave Bing to speak about his philanthropic efforts and giving back to the community.

Bing's success aside from his accomplishments as one of the top players in franchise history and after his playing career set him apart from most of his contemporaries and successors.

"I've said to several people that when you think about him, sports and entertainment, business and politics — three of the biggest areas (in our lives) — how many people have succeeded at that high level across all three areas?" Van Gundy said.

Van Gundy pointed to Bing's unique viewpoint from his playing career and post-career leadership opportunities is a message that the current Pistons could benefit from hearing.

The idea stemmed from a dinner that Van Gundy and his wife had with Bing and his wife during the summer and Van Gundy left impressed with Bing's perspective on pro athletes and their responsibility extending beyond their contributions on the court.

That led to Van Gundy making a follow-up request and he said Bing was more than willing to oblige.

Bing's achievements put him in rarified air in his success across all three areas.

"I'm sure there are others; I can't come up with them," Van Gundy said. "For a guy to be in the top 50 players in NBA history, start his own company from scratch and build Bing Steel to 1,300 employees and be a mayor of one of the largest cities in America — who does that?

"A phenomenal opportunity to have the guy be in our hometown and spend time with our players and we're all very lucky to have him come and the players are looking forward to it."