Spartans will name winning TD

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Ann Arbor — Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio likes to name things, specifically plays.

The most famous one was "Little Giants," the fake field goal that led to a winning touchdown against Notre Dame in 2010. Other plays have been called things like "Mouse Trap" and "Hey Diddle Diddle." And not just plays that work. One failed play was dubbed "Frozen."

So, what's he going to name the fumbled punt runback that decided Saturday night's miraculous win over Michigan?

"We'll think of a good, catchy name," Dantonio said, smiling, Saturday night, following the 27-23 victory over Michigan.

Quarterback Connor Cook suggested, "Miracle in Ann Arbor."

Dantonio said he could do better — probably because he wants no mention of Ann Arbor in East Lansing.

Now, what do the fans think?

On Sunday, The News asked UM and MSU fans across Twitter to chime in.

Dozens participated, with many making mention of Michigan's Australian punter, Blake O'Neill, who had a fantastic game until the last snap, which he fumbled and turned over to MSU.

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