Dead Schembechlers' release skewers Harbaugh

The Detroit News

The punk band The Dead Schembechlers has released, "Harbaugh to Hell," to the tune of AC DC's "Highway to Hell" while pillorying Michigan's first-year football coach.

A sample of the lyrics.

"The Big Ten's
Big Loser

There's nobody
He can beat

Khaki pleats
No shirt on

College Game Day
Retweets his man tweets

The Big House
Portal gate
To an eternal pit of flame

That's where he's goin'
We'll drag him down after the game


We're taking Harbaugh to Hell!


We're taking Harbaugh to Hell!"

A Flaming Wolverine Death Records Presentation is available through iTunes and is the latest installment from the Columbus, Ohio-based band, which is in its 25th year.