Dearborn bowler racks up 900 series

James Hawkins
The Detroit News

Bowling a 300 game is nothing new to Dearborn’s David Sewesky.

It has become a rather lackluster feat for the 27-year-old left-hander, who stopped keeping track a handful of years ago but estimates he has thrown between 30-40.

But tossing three consecutive 300s? That was uncharted territory.

Sewesky reached bowling’s ultimate goal Sunday afternoon, rolling a perfect 900 series in the Detroit Printcraft League at Plymouth’s Plaza Lanes.

According to the United States Bowling Congress, Sewesky became the 27th bowler in the United States to achieve the milestone and first since Feb. 19, 2015. He’s also just the fifth lefty and second person from Michigan — along with Jackson’s Robby Portalatin (Dec. 28, 2000) — to join the exclusive club.

“Two weeks ago I shot an 888 (series) in same bowling center, which was the Metro Detroit Association-area record,” said Sewesky, who held a 240 average entering Sunday’s league games. “It’s crazy. I thought I’d never bowl anything remotely close to that again.”

But he did. After tossing his first 300 game of the day, which drew hardly any applause from his friends, Sewesky followed that up with another perfect game, marking the first time he’d ever thrown back-to-back 300s.

It wasn’t until early in the third game that the possibility of bowling a 900 began to sink in.

“I get a few strikes and then I start thinking it could happen,” Sewesky said. “I have six strikes left, so I just keep focusing on the next shot and dialing in to that shot, not worrying about shots down the road.”

By the time he reached the 10th and final frame, Sewesky noticed people on other lanes had stopped bowling and a hushed silence filled the alley.

“After throwing my second-to-last shot of the last game, I go to get my ball and it was super quiet. You could hear a pin drop” he said. “That’s when I realized the magnitude of what the possibility was. I was like, ‘Wow, I could actually have a chance. This is probably the only time in my life I’ll have this opportunity to bowl a 900 series.’

“I was telling myself I better not mess this one up.”

He didn’t. With his adrenaline rushing and heart racing, Sewesky delivered his 36th consecutive strike to complete the rare feat.

“I was nervous, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I was able to make a good shot and got the carry. It was pretty surreal. I didn’t know how to react; everyone else was cheering.

“Not many words can explain bowling a 900.”

In the aftermath of his accomplishment, Sewesky has received countless text messages from friends, as well as Facebook messages and friend requests from people all over the world, including Puerto Rico and Germany. It also has him thinking about potentially pursuing something more.

“It’s pretty awesome and definitely humbling,” said Sewesky, who works as a supervisor for a marketing company. “I never took (bowling) serious enough to put the majority of my focus on it. I’m keeping an open mind to see what opportunities present themselves. I’m just riding the wave and embracing this moment.”