MotorCity’s ‘Bad Beat’ jackpot pays $569,000

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
The MotorCity Casino's "Bad Beat" jackpot was awarded on May 21.

Detroit -- They say nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

Oh yeah? Try telling that to one wildly lucky poker player.

On Saturday, May 21 -- more than five months and hundreds of thousands small and big blinds in the making -- MotorCity Casino's "Bad Beat" jackpot finally was awarded, at a record payout of around $569,000. The "Bad Beat" was broken at 2:30 a.m.

The "Bad Beat" is a progressive jackpot used to lure players to casino poker rooms, and it had been luring them, big-time, to MotorCity since it was last won around New Year's Day, with wait times so long in the last several weeks, the casino even had to cancel tournaments to add more cash games until the jackpot finally was hit.

To win the biggest "Bad Beat" at MotorCity, a player must lose with quads -- four of a kind -- to better quads, with each player using both hole cards along with three community cards.

In this case, quad fours lost to quad sevens, a poker-room employee answering the phone said Tuesday.

Of course, those quad fours proved to be big winners.

The loser of the "Bad Beat" hand walked away with 40 percent of the total jackpot, or around $227,000. The winner, with the quad sevens, was awarded 20 percent, around $114,000. The other seven players at the full table split the remaining 40 percent, getting more than $32,000 each just for sitting at the table. The players have not been identified.

The previous record for a "Bad Beat" jackpot at MotorCity -- the most-popular poker room among the three Detroit casinos -- was around $386,000, hit five years ago.

MotorCity has gone back to holding poker tournaments, now that cash-game demand has died down. Tournaments aren't involved in the "Bad Beat."

The "Bad Beat" jackpot is built with a $1 rake from every cash-game hand that has a pot of at least $20.

It restarted at MotorCity around $180,000, and now is up over $200,000. MotorCity also has a smaller "Bad Beat" that's easier to hit, with a full house of aces over kings being the minimum hand. That currently is approaching $30,000.

The "Bad Beat" jackpot at MGM Grand Detroit is up to $285,000, and at Greektown Casino-Hotel, it's around $76,000.